Spotify Launches Traditional Television Ad Campaign This Week

Spotify is launching its first-ever advertising campaign this week, with an ad debuting tonight during NBC's premiere of its new season of The Voice, hoping to capitalize on music fans who haven't yet made the leap to streaming music services.

The three initial ads are heavy on emotion and slow-motion effects, attempting to make the use of Spotify some sort of noble act of artistic freedom. Or you know, a great way to soundtrack a party for cheap.

The first ad released depicts a man crowd-surfing in what looks like a Nine Inch Nails video or a Civil War battlefield, In the second, a man on a bus reminisces about the songs that remind him of "her," while the third follows a raucous frat party on a Tuesday with only one cup of beer in sight.

This is an interesting turn of events for the streaming-music game. Spotify is taking the first step toward courting a wider audience in a big way, something that the other streaming services have only teased.

Remember that streaming -- however ubiquitous as it may be for most music fanatics in 2013 -- is still a novelty to a large amount of consumers. Physical compact-disc sales remain the dominant format by far, for now.

When you factor in the continuing vinyl resurgence, things get even more confusing for industry watchers.


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Could Spotify commercials one day help break bands the way iTunes did in the mid-'00s? Maybe, if viewers aren't fast-forwarding through the commercials themselves.

The common argument most often heard against streaming is that people still want to own their music, and not just a subscription to hear it. The crowd that watches The Voice will be a good test group, since the show does skew older.

It remains to be seen if Spotify's leap forward will pay off, but with its increased profile, this week could be a big one for Spotify.

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