Ten Bands From the '00s Underground That Should Consider Reuniting

All right, so they haven't been broken up as long as the bands in April's excellent look at '90s underground bands who should get back together. We still miss 'em. You know how it is: you get to remembering that album you loved from a few years back and think to yourself "Huh, I wonder when The So-and-So's are going to put out some new shit" and then you either remember that they broke up and there will be no more new shit, or worse, you discover the bad news after a cursory Wikipedia search. It's sad when good things go away. That'll never stop being true.

Here are some great bands we associate with the '00s -- even if they didn't get together in exactly that time frame -- who we think should put their differences aside and start making beautiful music again.

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John Seaborn Gray