Texans-Bears: The 10 Best Rapper Tweets

Houston has a professional football team, called the Houston Texans. A lot of people like them; some are rappers.

The Internet has several forms of social media; one is called Twitter. A lot of people use it. Some of them are rappers.

Like last week and every other week prior, we perused Twitter during Sunday night's game against the mighty Monsters of the Midway (that'd be the Chicago Bears, yo) and grabbed the ten best tweets from the aforementioned rappers on the aforementioned social-media platform.


10. One Hunnidt, Steady as Always

9. Bun B

Has a rap-related list been made in the last 20 years that didn't include Bun B? I'd guess not.

p.s. This came after Connor Barwin literally jumped over another human being while trying to tackle a separate human being. I don't even know how to process that. I mean, I trip walking upstairs, like, at least 20 percent of the time.

8. Da Real Mr. C, quoting a line from Dante Higgins' Earth-rattling "Rhymes 4 Months"

7. Jett I. Masstyr

If you manage to mix a Houston rap reference within a Houston Texans tweet, you're getting included in this space.

6. Luke

5. Jack Freeman

Chief Keef is a troubled-teen rapper from Chicago. He's supposed to be some super-aggressive bloke. Even still, I don't think he wants to trade punches with J.J. Watt. I don't think Thor wants to trade punches with J.J. Watt.

4. Dante Higgins

This probably came after Schaub threw it to the wrong team or after he saw the commercial advertising the second season of Whitney. I'm not sure how that show made it through. That shit is the worst.

3. The Fury God, measured and wise

2. KAB is not impressed, boys

1. Jack Freeman might be the king of this column

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.