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Texas Buzz: 94.5 FM Hands Out 2011 Local Music Awards

The voting members of the Texas Buzz have spoken, and we have the results.

For those unfamiliar with the showcase, Houston's 94.5 The Buzz gives the spotlight to local artists Sunday evenings beginning at 9 p.m., and the program is called The Texas Buzz. Concurrently, Scout Bar in Clear Lake hosts a free show, showcasing many of the artists who are getting airplay. The show is always free, and it happens every week.

If you ever find yourself with nothing to do on a Sunday night, we suggest you make a trip down to Scout Bar in Clear Lake for a night of entertainment. The drive really isn't that bad, especially in the evenings when traffic has cleared. And though we've mentioned it before, it warrants repeating: You can smoke inside.

New and old names fill this year's list of winners. The ever-present From Guts to Glory came away with a win, the hardworking metal enthusiasts in Born From Ruins did too (though we would hardly call them an indie band), and thelastplaceyoulook finished 2011 with a win as well. It's been quite the year (perhaps the best yet) for tlpyl who, in the past two months, have played Buzz Fest, opened for Chevelle and won a few of our own music awards, too.

"It's been pretty crazy," drummer Mikey Garcia said. "Hopefully next year will be even more crazy."

Here's a list of the winners.

Band of the Year - thelastplaceyoulook Best Live Performance - Saturate Rock Band of the Year - From Guts to Glory Best New Band - Lost Element Best Punk/Hardcore/Indie Band - Born From Ruins Metal Band of the Year - Downfall 2012 Best Alternative Band - Adelaine Best Vocalist - Dustin Condon of Rain Child Best Drummer - Casey Bowen of Downfall 2012 Best Bass Guitarist - Brett Cardiff - IDR/South Best Guitarist - Tim Huston of The Hunger/Another Day

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