Classic Rock Corner

The Best & Worst Bonus Tracks on the New Led Zeppelin Reissues

In case you have been living with your headphones plugged into your turntable for some time and are unaware of recent developments in the classic-rock landscape, this month Led Zeppelin have reissued their first three titles with new remasters done by none other than Jimmy Page himself.

I used to be a sucker for remastered reissues, but after having bought the entire Queen catalog on disc three times, I decided I wasn't going to buy the fourth set that came out just a couple of years ago, even with several unreleased bonus tracks on each. The packaging was nothing special and I wasn't convinced they sounded any better than the Crown Jewels box set.

Lucky for me, iTunes sold these bonus tracks individually, so I didn't have to purchase the entire albums just to get the ones I wanted. Lucky for us all, the same is being done with the Zeppelin reissues.

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Brian Moore