Screwston, Texas

The Hype Machine: Top 10 Indie Buzz Bands You May Have Forgotten

So you're a hipster. Not you specifically. I would never accuse the great Rocks Off readers of being hipsters. But hypothetically, say you're a hipster. How do you choose your favorite bands? Well, you stroll on over to any indie-rock blog and check out all the latest buzz bands obviously. The problem with buzz bands though is that they don't always maintain their buzz.

Sure, some have kept it up like Girls (who play Houston March 13), but for every Girls there's a Gay Dad. Bands that strike for a moment and then completely burn out.

The fun of following all these indie buzz bands is you never know who will have staying power. You put all your chips in one basket, let's say the Gay Dad basket, and then it turns out that you were wrong and it's Modest Mouse that ends up being a classic band a few years later. Of course, some of these bands that don't manage to stay in the spotlight are legitimately great bands. Today we'll talk about 10 of the greats who you may have forgotten.

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Corey Deiterman