The Not So Fun Side of Fun Fun Fun Fest 2013

Comedy = Good, Comedy Tent = Tragic It's nice to see the festival taking comedy seriously and booking big names like Tenacious D, but the area they've designated for comedy performances is far too small and does a disservice to those names. Either give the big names time on a real stage or ditch the tent and add another big stage. People want to see Patton Oswalt, but they don't want to miss a bunch of bands they like because the only way they'll have the chance to is to camp in the comedy tent for three hours. CORY GARCIA

The Size of the Comedy Stage Is TOO DAMN SMALL! I really hope this tent evolves into its own standalone large stage because goddammit it was hell to see or shoot anything here all weekend. There was a few big names in comedy that I missed because it was impossible to hear or see anything, much less get in to take any photos. MARCO TORRES

Chi'lantro My tacos were cold. It's like they didn't even try. BRITTANIE SHEY

The Great Stage Debate In year's past each stage was actually a pair of stages, and while one act performed another got set up on the free stage. This year it was down to just one stage. This led to what felt like a lot more downtime between acts, especially when 20 minutes just isn't enough time to soundcheck a band like The Polyphonic Spree.

I know that having one bigger stage means more room for production, but the lack of music at times was noticeable, and that was a bummer. CORY GARCIA

Pot Smoke I'm no prude, I think pot should be decriminalized. But remember when it became rude to blow your cigarette smoke around in front of nonsmokers? When is that gonna happen with weed? My clothes reek. BRITTANIE SHEY

More FFFF "improvements" we'd like to see on the next page.

The Orange Stage Heard lots of complaints from both audience and band members that the sound was super muddy. The Julie Ruin sounded great though. BRITTANIE SHEY

Technical Difficulties Several sets were plagued with sound issues, from malfunctioning mikes to blown speakers, and some sound checks causing long delays. Rapper Killer Mike even had to cancel his performance because they couldn't get the sound to work, even if his set was to take place on a skate ramp. It wasn't bad to the point where I would ask for a refund, but noticeable regardless. MARCO TORRES

Dude in the Crowd at Lee Fields He could barely stand up straight and kept leaning on everyone. After I asked him to respect my personal space he spent the rest of the show giving me the stinkeye. BRITTANIE SHEY

Need More Trash Cans The fest is doing a lot of awesome things like having recycling bins and people walking around picking up cigarette butts, but there were multiple times when I wanted to throw something away and couldn't find a trash can, especially near the food tents. A few more around the festival grounds would be nice. CORY GARCIA

Hey, I'm working here! The photo pits were extra small this year, or maybe there was just much more media than ever, but either way, shooting from the crowd was much more pleasant at times. Sure, I like to be friendly with my colleagues, but when I can taste the deodorant they are wearing, that's not cool. MARCO TORRES

Television Super boring set. BRITTANIE SHEY


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