The Top 25 Comedy Rap Songs Of All Time: Nos. 10-6

Welcome to the top 10 greatest comedy rap songs. Some real winners have gone before (see 25-21 here, 20-16 here, and 15-11 here), but now we're getting to the tunes that are absolutely necessary to have. Get ready for some sharks, clowns, prime disses, and most of all a sorely missed comedy legend. Coming in at No. 10 we have...

10. Rodney Dangerfield, "Rappin' Rodney"

Rodney Dangerfield remains one of the most beloved icons of comedy ever, and he also managed to be an early MTV superstar with "Rappin' Rodney." The song features many of Dangerfield's most famous one-liners as he complains about the lack of respect he's getting. We miss you, Rodney.

9. Mighty Casey, "Crackhead Superheroes"

Mighty Casey is another MC out of Brooklyn, and if there is anything New York knows it is superheroes. Since it looks like superhero movies will be dominating the box office for at least the next three summers, it amused us to hear someone pointing out that maybe, just maybe, these weirdos in finny costumes doing things the rest of us don't are actually just chemically altered psychotics. If they ever make a move out of Marvel's Ruins, or Garth Ennis's The Pro we hope "Crackhead Superhero" plays over the opening credits.

8. The Pharcyde, "Ya Mama"

Ah, "Yo mama" jokes. Truly, they represent a humor revolution and one that we have never outgrown. Only one group has ever done them better than the Pharcyde, and that is the surrealist humor stylings of ICP, who we once heard say, "Eminem's mama drives a two-door potato." Hey, speaking of the clowns and Eminem...

7. ICP, "Nuttin' But a Bitch Thang"

Rocks Off was once a big ICP fan, but they lost us when they released the Wraith, though we will definitely be checking out their collaboration with Jack White. It's just too damned random not to sample, kind of like the upcoming Metallica/Lou Reed record. (We're stoked.)

"Nuttin' But a Bitch Thang" is part of the infamous feud between the clowns and Eminem. It's not our favorite ICP tune ("Echo Side" if you're wondering), but it's definitely our favorite funny ICP song. Make sure you listen to the end to hear Violent J's hilarious angry muttering about Mr. Mathers.

6. mCRT feat. Katcha and Scarfbot, "I'm a Shark (Suck My Dick)"

This song was one of our favorite finds back when we were doing our video of the day column. It is the best shark song ever, and makes LL Cool J's theme song for Deep Blue Sea look like, well... Deep Blue Sea. The best part of the song is that you can get it for free by downloading any part of The Penis Monoluges at this link.

Tune in Monday for the absolute best comedy rap tunes of all time. We'll be celebrating fatherhood, the Oregon Trail, and the best way to make friends at the ATM.

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