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Houston Concert Watch 4/17: Maren Morris and More

Festival season kicked off last weekend. Remember when we had those in Houston?
Festival season kicked off last weekend. Remember when we had those in Houston? Photo by Jay Tovar
What a wild few weeks. Wrestlemania. Coachella. And now a weekend that features Good Friday, 4/20 and Easter all back to back. So much to celebrate over the next few days, and of course some of those celebrations are going to be even better with music. Whether you're making the most of a three day weekend or just looking for an alternative to all the pastel eggs, here's a look at what's happening in live music this week.
Pick of the Week: Maren Morris
4.18 - Revention Music Center

We can all acknowledge that the primary reason Zedd got to play RodeoHouston this year was because Maren Morris has an incredible voice and "The Middle" makes the very best of it, yes? In some alternate universe, Morris is one of the biggest pop stars in the world, playing stadiums, but she's not doing too bad for herself in this one. Hell, you should go to this show just because chances are very good she'll be moving up to bigger venues in the next few years.

The Best of the Rest:
Cradle of Filth
4.17 - House of Blues

There are not much in the way of "casual" Cradle of Filth fans. Your feelings for the group, if you're aware of their existence, probably land in one extreme or the other in the good/bad spectrum. But if your blood doesn't start pumping just a little when that keyboard intro to "Her Ghost in the Fog" starts, I just can't believe you hate fun so much. Because with those outfits and their riffs, I don't see how you can't see CoF as anything other than a very silly, brutal night out.
The Millennium Tour
4.17 & 4.20 - Smart Financial Centre

It's true: you have two chances to see B2K, Mario, Pretty Ricky, Lloyd, Ying Yang Twins, Chingy, and Bobby V this week, which should give you more than enough R&B to keep you satisfied until the next parade of stars comes to town. Honestly, I wish more rock acts would rip off this format because when it comes to bang for your buck, shows like this are hard to beat. Go scream for your favorite and make sure you've got someone to slow dance with when the time comes.
The Music of Cream
4.18 - House of Blues

As someone who loves a handful of bands that never tour but have multiple tribute acts with silly names — Pink Floyd being the most obvious on the list — I must admit I love the straightforward nature of The Music of Cream. No goofy name, just a simple statement of purpose and a promise of what your ticket is going to get you. No overthinking what's gong to be on the setlist or anything like that: you want Cream, then the next generation of the band is going to give it to you.
4.20 - Arena Theater

With all the '90s nostalgia going on recently, it's a bit of a shocker that no one has gone all in on a remake of "The Boy is Mine." I mean, it's just waiting for two on the rise popstars to come together for a new generation, genderswapped or not. If you were #TeamBrandy back before hashtags were a thing that existed, go get all up in your feels with this one. 
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