Houston Concert Watch 3/20: A Bowie Celebration and Other Legends

Get your facepaint ready, everybody.
Get your facepaint ready, everybody. Photo by Francisco Montes
And so it was that after jamming more than 80,000 people into NRG Stadium RodeoHouston came to a close, and thus the three easiest weeks of writing this here blog post for the year. That's not to say that there won't be future strings of weeks featuring tons of incredible music, just that the Rodeo does make it significantly easier to make concert plans. But this is a big city, and there are plenty of legends beyond the King of Country to make time for. True, any of these shows would be enhanced with mutton bustin', but alas...

Pick of the Week: A Bowie Celebration: The David Bowie Alumni Tour
3/20 – Heights Theater

By happenstance, you were lucky enough to walk the Earth the same time that David Bowie did, which means you were also alive when he performed his music live on stage. Bowie may be gone, but his collaborators remain, and much in the way that The Revolution keep the flame of Prince alive, here is your chance to hear some of the men who brought the music of Bowie to life bring the music of Bowie to life. There's not really anything like seeing David Bowie live, but if you've got an itch that only a live version of “Suffragette City” can scratch, get your tickets for this one.

The Best of the Rest:
3/22 – Spire

You have a couple of chances to see Tiesto this weekend, but why risk fickle Houston weather when you can join the dancing masses that are sure to pack Spire for this big show? How often do you get to see the man who many consider the greatest DJ of all time in a converted church anyway? Probably not enough to satisfy your need to throw shapes in the holy house of sound. If you happen to run into him before or after the show, let him know to reach out to the RodeoHouston folks. It'll be a blast.
Death Grips
3/23 – White Oak Music Hall

I've had few concert experiences that felt as otherworldly as the one time I saw Death Grips live. To this day I still have a hard time putting it into words. The combination of unconventional beats with a crowd near ecstasy made the night feel more like witnessing a ritual than taking in a musical performance. You're going to sweat at this show. You have no choice.
Nick Mason’s Saucerful Of Secrets
3/25 – Jones Hall

Quite possibly the most intriguing show of the spring, especially if you're someone like myself who has an odd fascination with Pink Floyd's early works. With both Gilmour and Waters perhaps having hit the road for the final time, it's interesting that Mason has not only picked up the mantle of Pink Floyd live but that he's going back to their largely under-appreciated pre-Dark Side of the Moon work to do so. If you ever thought you'd hear “Obscured by Clouds” live, you're a damn liar.
Taking Back Sunday
3/25-26 – House of Blues

I can recognize that there are certain ships I've missed. Taking Back Sunday is one of the biggest. So while I might not get the nostalgic chills that come along with the idea of a full album performance of Tell All Your Friends, I know there are plenty of guys and gals right around my age who knew that as a formative album during the years they learned to love music. And you, Houston reader, are lucky enough to get two chances to hear it front to back this week.
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