Houston Concert Watch 3/27: Hozier, The Beach Boys and More

Hozier having a good time in spite of a chatty crowd.
Hozier having a good time in spite of a chatty crowd. Photo by Jack Gorman
I'm in the middle of planning a vacation, and nothing puts the calendar of riches our live music venues provide more than trying to find things to do in a city with little to no touring shows. I'm a big believer in catching shows in different venues just for the experience alone, but alas, it is not to be on this next trip out of state. Consider yourself lucky Houston, to experience all these shows I'm going to miss.

Pick of the Week: Hozier
3/30 – Revelation Music Center

Hozier is perhaps too popular for his own good. He is a talented songwriter and a pretty good live act, but I'm not sure paying audiences really appreciate how good he is. “Take Me to Church” is fine, but its success means lots of people paying to hear that one song and talking through the rest of his set, which is a bummer. Your life isn't that interesting, and you're missing some really good songs along the way.

The Best of the Rest
Adventure Club
3/29 – Stereo Live

You can date someone, like counting the rings of a tree, by asking them about the dance remixes that got them into EDM. For me, Adventure Club's remix of Yuna's “Lullabies” is one of those keystone tracks that really unlocked the potential of the genre for me, even if I doubt anyone else really stans it at this point. Still, Adventure Club's big beats should provide all the energy you need to get your weekend kicked off on the right foot.
3/29 – White Oak Music Hall

I don't have a problem with tribute acts even if I find them profoundly weird in some cases, such as the bands, up to and including the one that includes actual members of Sublime, making a living playing the music of Sublime. But I don't have to get everything, and I've met plenty of people in the course of my life that are still ride or die for the words of Bradley Nowell. If you need some of that California feeling in your life, show up and sing “What I Got” as loud as you can.
The Beach Boys
3/30 – Smart Financial Centre

Speaking of that California feeling, if you want to hear the best that California has to offer – and literally some of the best songs ever written – The Beach Boys return to the greater Houston area this weekend. Weirdly, after joining the band for some other dates in Texas recently, John Stamos will not be joining the band in Sugar Land, which is unfortunate news for you Fuller House fans looking for good news in these dark times. Alas, you'll just have to settle for hearing “God Only Knows” live.
Kodak Black
4/2 – Revention Music Center

I did not plan to write so much about rappers beefing with Michael Rapaport this year, but once again a star on the rise arrives in Houston while in a war of words with the actor. I'm going to side with Kodak on this once; sure he's no Pac or Biggie, but never throw in your lot with a guy who uses “Kodak Wack” as an insult; just because the fruit is low hanging doesn't mean you have to pick it.
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