Streaming Concert Watch 4/14: Amanda Shires and More

The streets are empty, but your homes can be filled with live music
The streets are empty, but your homes can be filled with live music Photo by Reggie Mathalone
Until about month ago, the Houston Press ran a weekly concert watch, detailing the best shows coming to the Bayou City in a given week. But live music has come to a screeching halt amid concerns related to the Covid-19 pandemic, and I can't say with any certainty when we'll all get to visit all the great venues in Houston again. But people adapt, and while social distancing may be the new norm for now, plenty of artists have found new ways to share their art with fans.

Thanks to modern technology, musicians from around the world are still able to perform for fans, doing their best to keep spirits up, raise money for charitable organizations and continue to make a living. Nothing can replace the experience of going to a concert, but something's better than nothing and we commend the artists who are doing what they can to keep spirits high amid all the madness. Below are five of the best live streamed concerts you can watch from the comfort of your home this week.

Pick of the Week:
Amanda Shires, Jason Isbell
4 p.m. - 04.15

In 2016, Amanda Shires had an idea. Fed up with a lack of representation, the Lubbock native contacted fellow singer-songwriter Brandi Carlile and proposed forming a female version of The Highwaymen. Aptly named The Highwomen, Shires and Carlile teamed up with Natalie Hemby and Maren Morris to record an album, which has since been met with critical acclaim. Shires also boasts eight solo studio albums to her name, most recently 2018's To The Sunset. Earlier this year, she released a new single, "Deciphering Dreams," which we hope is just one of many songs she has ready for yet another full-length record. See her perform on YouTube tomorrow.

The Best of the Rest:
Cold War Kids
4 p.m. - 04.16

Nathan Willett has made a living penning honest, heartfelt rock and roll. “I’m not that macho, tough kinda’ man,” he admits on “Waiting For Your Love,” one of his band’s latest singles. A decade and a half removed from their debut, Cold War Kids have evolved from blues-inspired rockers into polished indie darlings, complete with soaring choruses and arena-ready anthems – much to the chagrin of their original fan base. Barely three months removed from the release of their seventh studio album, Cold War Kids returned to the fray with a new single. Willett has been live streaming performances from his home studio in Los Angeles for weeks now, raising money for medical workers. See him perform on Instagram on Thursday.

Tedeschi Trucks Band
9 p.m. - 04.16

For the better part of the last decade, the Tedeschi Trucks Band has been crafting crowd-pleasing, blues- and jazz-influenced rock music. Rolling Stone called their debut album a "meaty masterpiece" in 2011, and the group's sound has only evolved since then, incorporating Gospel and a bit of R&B on their latest offering, last year's Signs. The 12-piece rock outfit will share full-length performances from the band's past on Facebook and Youtube this Thursday.

Blue October
7 p.m. - 04.17

Blue October records have always been a reflection of vocalist Justin Furstenfeld's mental state. For the past 20 years, the Houston-born singer-songwriter has shared just about every detail of his tumultuous life with his fans. From his suicidal ideation to an exhausting custody battle over his daughter, Furstenfeld has never been shy. Over the past few years, however, he has turned a corner, and his music has reflected as much. Best known for the lamenting tracks "Hate Me" and "Into The Ocean," Blue October's last two records - Home and I Hope You're Happy - abound with optimism, mirroring Furstenfeld's sobriety and newfound positivity. He will share some of that hope with fans on Friday via Stageit.

8 p.m. - 04.18

Born and raised in Bogotá, Colombia, Juan Fernando Fonseca came to the United States as a teenager to study at the Berklee College of Music. He ended up leaving when he was given an opportunity to record his first single, and he hasn't stopped putting out great music since. Despite his time in the United States, Fonseca boasts plenty of Colombian flavor. And no matter your nationality, the Latin star's unique blend of rock, pop and reggaeton is sure to get your hips and feet moving. Catch his live stream this Saturday on YouTube.
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