To celebrate the tenth anniversary of their 2001 breakthrough Full Collapse, Thursday will be playing that seminal release in full on every date of this winter tour with Underoath. The early '00s were heady times for the New Jersey group and contemporaries like Poison The Well and Snapcase, who took their cues from bands as disparate as The Smiths, Fugazi and most everything on the Gravity Records label in the early '90s. Thursday led screamo's charge on the pop charts with Collapse, released at the beginning of Victory Records' short reign as the bearer of all things featuring the screamo sound and stereotypical guyliner look. Collapse has aged gracefully, even if it sounds a little mopey and tinny a decade after making its initial impact. Blame the thousand bands who copped and improved on its sound in its wake. Thursday's next album, 2003 major-label bow War All the Time, has fared a sight better.
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