Tonight: Twestival Houston at Caroline Collective

Tonight at Caroline Collective, Houston will be joining over 175 cities across the world for the Twestival. The Twitter-spawned event was set-up to benefit Charity:Water, a nonprofit group that helps build wells in underdeveloped countries to help bring fresh water to their communities.

The all-volunteer event begins tonight at 5:30 p.m. with musical guests Wayside Drive, the Snake Charmers, Blue Funk Zone, and R.C. & The Pirates. A ton of local businesses and institutions have donated prizes for a door raffle.

Drinking is all taken of, kids. Saint Arnold's is showing up to do their Christian duty and give out free booze. Coffee Groundz and Sauté Bistro will be on food detail.


Wayside Drive, "The Red Room"

The basic premise of events like this is to bring the online world into the physical one, and have folks use their powers of networking and Twittering for good and not YouTube. Parties like this would have been almost unimaginable a decade ago, without the help of the thriving social-networking scene to bring worthy causes like this to the floor.

Healthy, clean drinking water is so commonplace for us in the States that we forget some places aren't so lucky. We complain about how Houston tap water tastes, but some people dream of having actual water.

It only costs $4,000 to build a brand-new well for an impoverished community. So, bring your drunken asses to Caroline tonight and let's build, like, 80 of them.

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Craig Hlavaty
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