Top 10 Yo Gabba Gabba Musical Guests

Want to hear the Shins teach a bunch of magical, mismatched creatures about the virtues of trying, trying again? What about Weezer? They're making friends with bugs, and they're making songs about it. No, we're not stoned, sillies...we're just watching Yo Gabba Gabba, and we think you should too.

If you're a parent of a small child, you may already be familiar with the sheer insanity of Yo Gabba Gabba. If you're not a parent of a small child, but you sit around baked, eating Cheetos and watching children's shows (not that we would know anything about things like that), you may also know of Gabba's high awesomeness factor. Either way, we're glad you know how great Yo Gabba Gabba is, because we think it's great too.

That being said, there's not much more to this whole blog equation. Yo Gabba Gabba, which earlier this week announced a December 8 Bayou Music Center stop on the YGG live company's "A Very Awesome Yo Gabba Gabba Live! Holiday Show" tour, manages to teach life lessons without being mind-numbingly boring. The show has some of the best musical guests around to sing about clowns and balloons and why you shouldn't bite your friends, which are things both children and adults should know.

Because we like the idea of life lessons being taught by Devo and the Roots, we've done you the favor of watching all these Gabba musical guests, ranked below in order of their cool points. It's that simple.

Here ya go. These are are the Top 10 Yo Gabba Gabba musical guests. Be prepared for awesome.

10. "Happy Birthday," The Ting Tings This might be the cutest version of "Happy Birthday" to ever be sung, ever, because it sounds nothing like the actual "Happy Birthday" song, and The Ting Tings are performing it, which doesn't often happen at most three-year-olds' birthday parties.

9. "Beautiful Day," Jimmy Eat World Good ol' Jimmy, resting against the tree stumps with his best friend, who happens to be his dog. That makes for a beautiful day. Oh, and they fly around in the air and shit.

8. "Balloons," The Postmarks There's not much to this one, other than the fact that balloons are fun for me and you, and they can cheer you up when you're feeling kinda sad, but the sweet, simplistic vocals -- and those braids -- are awesome.

7. "It's Okay, Try Again," The Shins Hey, sometimes you win, sometimes you lose. The Shins know this, and you should too, cause it's okay to try again. We like you, Shins. We like you so much.

6. "All My Friends Are Insects," Weezer Rivers Cuomo really can make friends with anything. This makes that Weezy collaboration a little less suspect.

5. "No One Likes To Be Left Out," Mates of States Seriously, even adults may need a refresher course on how to include everybody, and Mates of States can school you and your two-year-old. The more you know, you know?

4. "Watch Us Work It," Devo No comment other than it's freaking Devo working it out among a robot and a...well, we don't know what Brobee is, but he's striped and green and his weirdly flexible arms are the best.

3. "We Love Clowns," Black Kids Consider this a PSA for clown rights; too many kids are afraid of clowns, with their creepy painted-on smiles and their bright rubber noses. Well, not if Black Kids have anything to do with it. They love clowns, happy clowns. They love clowns, sad clowns.

2. "Rainbow Connection," Paul Williams Um, you might not even need to be stoned to feel like you're tripping out with this one. Also, no Kermit the Frog, so that's a bonus.

1. "Lovely, Love My Family," The Roots Just in case you needed more proof that The Roots are the coolest mutha's out there. We would jam this song anytime, anywhere. No shame.


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