Top 5 Bizarre But Lovable Video-Game Theme-Song Covers

Rocks Off is an old-school gamer. We relished those days of racing off the school bus in anticipation of milk, cookies, Goomba stomping and sore thumbs. Back before graphics surpassed gameplay on the scale of importance, most of our gaming quandaries could be solved by blowing into cartridges or popping in a Game Genie.

In those days, the blood code reigned king, and our most stressful decision came down to which Bubble Bobble dragon to choose. Apparently Rocks Off is not alone in our gaming nostalgia. Below are some of our favorite old-school video-game music tributes.

1. Super Mario Bros. Theme Song on Electric Guitar: First made popular via, this cover totally nailed sound effects including traveling down a pipe, grabbing a coin or that level-completion flag. Super Mario Brothers was Rocks' Off's introduction to the world of video-games, so this one definitely gives us the warm fuzzies.

2. The Gameboys, "Street Fighter II Theme Song": The Gameboys are a Brazilian cover band dedicated to paying tribute to retro-gaming favorites including Donkey Kong Country, Sonic the Hedgehog and The Legend of Zelda. The mere sound of this theme song makes our Rising-Dragon-Punching thumbs hurt and rekindles that old resentment we harbored for kids who had a Turbo Controller and electrocuted the shit out of us in a corner. Bitches.

3. Super Mario Brothers/Super Mario World Beatbox: Japan's Hikakin deftly adds hip-hop flourishes and nasal jumping sound effects, as well as a clever recreation of time running up in Super Mario World. Remembering what it felt like to watch our Yoshi tumble down a crevasse and die still brings a single tear to our eye.

4. Tetris Theme Song on the Keyboard: To this day, this song still gives us flashbacks of the miniature nervous breakdowns we had as kids when we watched helplessly as our TV screen filled up with blocks. The Commies won each time we lost a game of Tetris. And don't act like you never held your Super Scope directly up to your TV screen. Cheater.

5. Super Mario Brothers Theme Song on Beer Bottles: Precisely arranged beer bottles and a Japanese kid maneuvering a remote-controlled car with a metal rod attached to it are the makings of this tribute. Apparently some folks have quite a bit of time on their hands.

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Valerie Alberto
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