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Tracy Nelson, Victim Of The Blues, Embraces Muddy & Lightnin'

Long acclaimed as one of the truly great singers of the modern era, at 66 Tracy Nelson still has the fire for performing great songs. Her latest project, Victim of the Blues, is a loving caress to her original passion: Old-school blues, particularly the Chicago variety.

Nelson's first album, Deep Are the Roots, was on the vintage Prestige label, home to people like Miles Davis, John Coltrane and Otis Spann. For a 19-year-old white girl of Norwegian descent, recording with Charlie Musselwhite in Chicago for Prestige and cutting blues standards must have been a dream come true and a huge nod to her talent.

And while Nelson's repertoire has always included the blues from her days leading seminal hippie blues-rock band Mother Earth, through her Nashville period where she made country albums that only hipsters got - except, of course, her giant, Grammy-nominated duet with Willie Nelson, "After the Fire Is Gone" (1974), which alerted a much wider listening audience to the power of her golden throat.

The song is still in regular rotation on classic country stations.

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William Michael Smith