Vote or Die: The Last VJ's Top 5 Videos of the Week

Welcome back to The Last VJ, music fans. It's another week seeking high and low, in and out and in an out throughout the world for the last vestiges of truly groundbreaking and amazing music videos. Which of the five this week shall stalk the night as the invincible sprit of vengeance and triumph, and which shall lie beaten, broken, and bloody on the dirty cement floor of the failure factory?

Your votes at the end will decide.

Dream Koala, "Odyssey" A big round of applause to Dream Koala, who won the voting last week with a near-unanimous selection of votes and toppled Cut Copy from their No. 1 pedestal, despite the latter's use of a shirtless Alexander Skarsgaard as bait. The amazing apocalyptic vision enters a second round of voting this week, and we'll see if it has the power to hold strong.

REWIND: Last Week's Music Video Round-Up

Body Parts, "Desperation" Body Parts brings a classic Duran Duran sort of vibe mixed with the modern playfulness of something like Hyperbubble, and the result is sheer pop goodness. They display that cinematically with an old-school white-walled video starring the lovely Daniele Watts. Watts comes to the duo for a series of medical experiments in artificial joy clubbing, and they drag her kicking and screaming through a host of manufactured emotions. Think of it as a more playful and less exhibitionist version of Alice Cooper's "Clones (We're All)". It's light fun.

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Young Galaxy, "Privileged Poor"

There are very few music videos I have ever seen that made me think, "I would totally watch an entire movie about this." Metallica's "Unforgiven," definitely, and maybe Youth Lagoon's "July" come to mind, but add "Privileged Poor" to that list.

Jem Garrard's interpretation of Young Galaxy's increasingly epic electronica track follows a trio of long-retired superheroes with various powers. Now quite elderly, they find themselves reminiscing over their years as protectors, and venture out into a park to showcase their frail, but still viable talents. The true genius is that of our main hero, a man with telekinetic abilities who clearly feels that he's fallen into obscurity. Yet he finds a nobility and strength even as his body fails him, and it is just a wonder to behold.

REWIND: The Video Round-Up From Two Weeks Ago

Geri Halliwell, "Half of Me" Confession time... I freakin' LOVE Geri Halliwell. Maybe it's just the crush I've harbored for years, but I thought her 2005 solo album was a very underrated pop masterpiece, and was very sad that she didn't seem keen to follow it up... until now.

Granted, visually "Half of Me" isn't really all that special. It's just another one of those quirky vids where a bunch of weirdoes dance around incongruously. That said, it's a hell of a song, and Halliwell just oozes sweetness from every pore as she sings surrounded by strange shirtless hairy guys and dancing teddy bears. You freakin' go, girl. It's damn nice to have you back.

Now if you'll excuse me... I have to go burn my goth membership card. This is my third strike after declaring undying love for Taylor Swift and Cher's "Heart of Stone."

Worhol, "The Darkness" In an effort to reclaim my spooky cred, here's Worhol in one of the greatest cheesy gothic-music videos I have ever seen. Ghosts and hooded figures haunting the woods dance over a tremendously dramatic tune that I definitely think should be played at maximum volume at Numbers sometime.

What's that you say, info under the video? Holy crap, they're from Katy! I had no idea this level of cool was allowed to exist out there where the mothership is buried! Ashley, love, come into town already. We'll save a seat for you.

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