Without a Face's New Video Is Not Without Awesome

8:53: The lead singer is extremely entertaining. At one point he removes his shirt to expose his frail white body and angrily hollers into the mic, "Are you ready to rock, Chicago?!"

That's from a review I wrote more than four years ago. It was the very first thing I ever did for the Houston Press. The show I was reviewing was called the Hometown Showdown and was this 40-fucking-hours-long thing that featured exactly 1 million local bands.

That particular section there is from a blurb describing an indie-rock band made up of college kids. called Without A Face. They were fun and funny and spent the bulk of their site looking sort of nervous and sort of nonchalant (which is the same as looking normal, I suppose). Shortly after that show, they disbanded.

The lead singer mentioned is the same guy in that video at the top of this post. He has a name but he doesn't really use it. When the group broke up, he kept right on making music. He kept the name "Without A Face," but now he performs as a solo act (at one point poking fun at himself in a song he recorded called "Without a Band").

The "TSA" song is the result of a successful Kickstarter campaign, apparently. The back-end really isn't all that important. What is is the result. Because it is goddamn wonderful. It manages to be satirical in form but genuine in context, and that's just about the best thing of all.

Watch it. Laugh. Smile. Be impressed with WAF's ability to remove every bit of irony from something hyper-ironical and replace it with ethos (or pathos or whatever kind of -os you prefer, really).

It's obviously humorous but it's also deftly sound and impressive. More musicians should aspire to create such things.

Follow WAF on Twitter @WAFtweets and give him all of your money whenever he bothers to ask for it.

(Oh, p.s., pay special attention to the dancers. They are proper excellent. Especially the guys. So, so funny.)

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