Amazing: "Love Spell" Psychic Apparently A Fraud

Some con men are so clever and charming that you can almost overlook their sleaziness. Then there are those who are just out-and-out douches. The Houston “love-spell caster” operating out of an apartment on Eldridge Parkway definitely falls into the latter.

We were first notified of this dude – whose name we haven’t been able to track down yet – when the Greater Houston BBB forwarded us complaints from two women who say they paid thousands of dollars to have this jerk-off cast some spells to get their ex-boyfriends back.

At the time, the dude was using the name “Justin Price” – and one woman (who lives in the Washington, D.C. area) filled out a “contract” last June to that name. It stipulated that she pay “Price” $1,650, plus finance for him a $7,640 Cartier bracelet. All Price needed to do was get her boyfriend back to her within nine days. Another woman, who lives in NYC, paid him $3,500.

They found him via his website, www.godgiftedspellcaster.com, although he has other sites, including "soulmate place" (where he goes by Zack O’Brien) and "true love power spells" (where he’s part of a Douchebag Duo known as Steven & Natasha). Just Google the number 855-577-8372, and you might find more. (Also, you can Google his other number, 416-619-1342. By the way, he’s also one of the more lazy fraudsters, in that he uses the same “testimonials” on each of his sites – that just gives con artistry a bad name).

When the Houston Press called, a guy who said his name was Tony answered. Tony told us that he, too, had been deceived by “Price” after living with him for a few months. He gave us what he said was Price’s real name and vowed to help us track him down. But Tony didn’t sound right – and when we played a recording of his voice to the two complainants, both said that that was the “Price” they had done business with.

We confronted “Tony” with this information, and he did what any honest dude in that situation would do – he hung up. Repeatedly. While we try to track down his name, we encourage you to visit his sites and call his numbers repeatedly, telling him you’d like him to cast a spell for you. One spell we’d like him to cast would be the one where he conjures a giant foot to shove into his magical kingdom.

-- Craig Malisow

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.