Angela Buchanan: Posing As Gynecologist, She Tricks Woman into Months of Sex and a Civil Union

We've heard some strange cases of online impersonation, but this one, as the Brits say, takes the biscuit.

Last night Jessica Cooley of the Lufkin Daily News broke the story of Angela Buchanan, a 30-year-old woman evidently smitten with a 51-year-old lady. Buchanan and the woman had been messaging each other for the past seven years via Yahoo!, during which time Buchanan claimed to have survived breast cancer in 2008 and to have had twins via in vitro fertilization while living with a former girlfriend.

According to an Angelina County arrest affidavit, in March, Buchanan started contacting the woman posing as "Doc," a Lufkin gynecologist with whom Buchanan claimed to have a sort of mother-daughter friendship.

So, Doc and Buchanan are the same person operating two different Yahoo! Message accounts. Got it? (This does get confusing.)

What "Doc" messaged the 51-year-old was chilling. Buchanan had a precancerous mass in her breast. The best course of treatment, "Doc" advised, was for Buchanan to spike her natural hormone levels through having sex. Lots and lots of sex, specifically sex with the 51-year-old woman reading her messages. It was the best way to try to save Buchanan's life.

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John Nova Lomax
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