Another Auction from MyPlates.com This Time Targets Aggies

You have to admire the folks at MyPlates.com. They are creative in getting people to buy vanity license plates and since the money goes to charity most of the time, it's a win-win. The last time around, they auctioned off their most expensive vanity plate yet: HOUSTON. This time, it's Texas A&M's turn with a plate dedicated to Aggie fans.

The 12thMan will be sold off via online auction beginning August 12. The winner gets the rights to the plate for ten years and is allowed to transfer or even sell it. Proceeds benefit Texas A&M.

Here's your chance, you looney toons Aggies with your standing the whole game and unison chanting. If you really REALLY love your alma mater -- or just the school you love but couldn't get into because of that embarrassing tractor incident you don't like to talk about -- this is your chance to really show it. You'll need a bunch of cash, so be prepared, but if you walk away with the winning bid, you'll be a hero to your Aggie brethren.

It could be glorious. You've already painted your truck maroon and put an A&M logo next to your Jesus fish. Go ahead and go the extra mile and get a plate that really says, "I'm probably a little too obsessed with a university, but if I'm going to go all in, I'm REALLY going all in."

Or, hey, buy it and squat on the name until you drive the price up. Your call.

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.