Hoaxers "Texas Antifa" Threaten to Dox Houston Black Lives Matter Activist

These guys are, like, so kewl.
These guys are, like, so kewl. Screenshot/Facebook

The anonymous racist trolls calling themselves "Texas Antifa" have threatened to post the home address of Houston Black Lives Matter founder Ashton Woods.

In a Sunday post, the group — responsible for a hoax about a June protest over the Sam Houston monument in Hermann Park — wrote, "By the way, who would like the home address of the Houston BLM leader, Ashton Woods?"

We messaged Texas Antifa via Facebook, but have yet to hear back. But Woods told The Houston Press Monday that the post and the page itself has been reported to Facebook.

"If they put my information out there, I'm going to return in kind," Woods said. "Unlike them, I'm unafraid to be out in public to see what I need to say. These people have to hide behind Facebook pages and all these other things because they have so much more to lose than I do."

He added, "I don't play....People tend to think they can do things under the cover of darkness, and they forget that we can do the same thing. It's 2017. Black people have access to technology, and we know how to use it. Just like we know how to read. I know that their ancestors didn't want us to know these things over the last couple centuries, but it's kind of late."

Texas Antifa also posted:

"Remember when we hoaxed Texas into thinking Antifa wanted Sam Houston down, and used a black mayor in our wording? Remember when BLM came out saying a black mayor makes no difference and they don't care about the statues? We obviously have longer memories than these idiots. That's the thing about a lie, you have to remember you lied, and maintain that lie forever."
In a June 10 interview with The Pink Armadillo, the group claimed that it was actually part of the collective known as Anonymous, stating in a video that the hoax rally was:

"always an Anonymous event to drive support and attention to an expired Texas law that protected it's [sic] historical monuments. It never made it to the floor because the Democrats used a filibuster to run out the time so it could not be voted on. Proving that the politicians you rely on so much are the problem, NOT EACH OTHER....We are BLM. We are Antifa. We are the Left. We are the Right. We are 4Chan. We are Reddit. We are Facebook. We are Twitter. We are Everyone. We are Everywhere. We know All."
We're still unsure what the group, who forgot to include "We are also jerks," believes it has accomplished, beyond a sophomoric cry of "Politicians are bad, y'all," and ostensibly raising awareness of "an expired Texas law."

The group also claimed to be engaged in "an online war ISIS and pedophiles. As such, it seemed fitting to extend this war to those would choose to behave similar to ISIS as Antifa is doing."

Umm....OK. Why this would manifest itself in threatening to post someone's home address remains a mystery. Unfortunately, Texas Antifa has never substantively responded to our questions. On June 1, we messaged the group, asking if members wanted to have an actual discussion on the merits of their campaign, only to be told by an unnamed flunky that he or she was "simply repeating what I was told to say," which suggests that Texas Antifa/Anonymous is as bureaucratic as the establishment it purports to undermine.

There are a host of real issues in Texas that this group could be working to address, but instead it pats itself on the back for childish pranks. We could ignore it, except for the whole threatening-to-post-a-dude's-address aspect, which is dangerous, vindictive and shameful.
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