App of the Week: Houston Developer Creates Interesting Weather App in Weather Line

App: Weather Line Platforms: iPhone Web site: Product Website Cost: $2.99

I love weather apps, so when given the opportunity to test out one released only a couple weeks ago from a local Houston developer, I obviously took it. Randy Jones worked in the oil industry, but decided to take a shot at opening an app-development company. Their first launch is Weather Line, a unique approach to displaying weather information.

Right off the bat, it is easy to see that the design was well thought out and takes advantage of the new iOS 7 platform. As I've said over and over, ease of use is a huge key for me when it comes to any app and Weather Line certainly has an interface that makes that a reality. When you open the app, your location is chosen automatically and an hourly display of temperatures and conditions is displayed beginning with the current time.

Line on the weather.

The concept is pretty simple. Weather Line literally shows a line of data for hourly, daily and even monthly weather information for whatever city you choose. Additionally, it shows an hourly precipitation forecast and record.

For the months, it shows averages for rainfall, dry days, foggy days, snow days and temperature. Jones admits on his Web site to being something of a chart guru and it shows in how organized the app is, but charts can be overly tedious and this certainly is not thanks to a very clean and efficient design. And the weather information provided is accurate. Not sure where Jones is getting his weather feed, but it's a good one. A big problem for weather apps can be where they are pulling their forecast data, which can create quite a wide variance in forecasts between apps. Weather Line seems to be right on the money in conditions, temperature and other data. Simple, elegant design. "Elegant design" is a phrase tha's bandied about a lot in the tech world, but this really is quite stylish. When I originally saw that Jones had been praised for his work with charts, I imagined a designers' nightmare when I opened the app, but I got just the opposite.

Weather Line is well organized and simple. Tap a bar and get more detailed information. Swipe left or right for more. Even the rather Web-trendy color scheme of blues and oranges works perfectly on the spare white background.

Best of all, the app is simple, with very few screens and virtually every bit of information literally at your fingertips from the moment Weather Line opens on your iPhone.

Bottom Line If you love weather apps, you'll want to add this to your arsenal. I don't know if it will become my primary app, if for no other reason than that it doesn't have radar, a staple of basic weather apps like WeatherBug or AccuWeather, but Weather Line combined with Hi-Def Radar could provide a pretty formidable and comprehensive weather forecasting toolbox. It is a TAD pricey at $2.99 for a weather app with no radar, but considering it is beautifully design, accurate and easy to use, that seems a reasonable price to pay.

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