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Astros-Dodgers: Speaking of Predictions, Guess Who Got Last Month Right

It’s not often I get to write this, but…

Damn, Cecil Cooper out-managed someone last night. Of course, it’s more of a case of Joe Torre making more mistakes than Cooper really out-managing, but the Astros beat the Dodgers 4-1 last night because of a bad move by Torre.

The Astros won their third straight game last night to go 5-2 on the current home stretch and to close out the month of June at 10-16 which a certain person named John Royal predicted way back at the start of the month. Hah.

Roy Oswalt pitched a good game last night, getting out of a bases-loaded jam in the first inning. He was pretty much Roy Oswalt for the rest of the game; however, he left the game because of an undisclosed injury at the start of the seventh inning. And there’s not enough good things that can be said about Lance Berkman who had another good game.

But the star of the game was Mark Loretta, who once again delivered a key run scoring hit in the fourth inning.

Wandy Rodriguez (3-3, 2.58) gets the start tonight against Clayton Kershaw (0-2, 4.36).


I’ve got a friend who’s one of the official scorers for Astros games, so I’m probably going to get into trouble for this, but damn, come on guys. You’re job is to score the game, not pad stats.

Just as Hunter Pence should have gotten the error on that Jacoby Ellsbury triple on Saturday night, there’s no way in hell that Carlos Lee should have gotten the double in the fourth inning last night. He got to second because Jason Repko screwed up the play for the Dodgers in center, and then threw to third in an attempt to get Lance Berkman, allowing Lee to advance on the throw. Jim Deshaies was shocked when Lee was given a double, and it takes a lot to throw Deshaies.

(And a little side note to J.D. Dude, I know what you were going for with the “We’re so sorry” quote with that shot of the guys dressed as The Beatles. But that one’s from Paul and Linda McCartney.)

*************** This is a short note to Joe Torre. Dude, I know you’re probably going to the Hall of Fame for your stint with the Yankees, but that doesn’t mean you’re infallible. There’s no way you should have issued the intentional walk to Miguel Tejada in the fourth inning. Yes, I know there was one out, and yes I know that Tejada on base sets up the double play. But Tejada has been virtually an automatic out for the month of June, and Mark Loretta has been delivering the key hits.

All you had to do was pitch to Tejada and get the sure out. Then you had a base open and could have worked around Loretta. Just check your stats. It’ll show you the trends. And I’m sure your scouts had to have sent you some reports about Tejada’s suckitude. So read them.

*************** Speaking of the Dodgers, I’ve got to note that the Dodgers pulled off the near-miracle win on Saturday night. They were no-hit by the Los Angeles of Anaheim of California of North America of Earth, yet they still won the game 1-0. They scored due to the help of an error by the Angels pitcher and good base running.

*************** Okay, the question has to be asked: Is Drayton McLane putting something in the clubhouse water? For those of you who missed the news, Boston Red Sox outfielder Manny Ramirez got into a fight with the team’s traveling secretary Saturday afternoon when the secretary told Ramirez he would probably not be able to get the 16 seats requested by Ramirez for Saturday’s game.

**************** I hate to bring up the Shawn Chacon thing again, but there are still some matters to be settled. Some matters which our friendly writers at the Chron have not settled. Primarily, what really happened. There’s the original Chron story in which Ed Wade was the asshole aggressor, and which the Astros originally refused to deny. Then there was the Ed Wade press conference in which he was the innocent school boy being mauled by the schoolyard bully.

But never did the Chron bother to tell us what really happened, even though there were a bunch of players present at the time. Luckily for us though, the press in Philadelphia decided to contact a couple of Astros to find out which of the stories is the truth. Guess what, it ain’t Ed’s: “Infielder Mark Loretta, who was in the lounge during the excitement, said, ‘I think [the Chronicle story] got it correct.’”

And thank you Chron once again for letting someone else do your job.

The team did waive Chacon yesterday, but the Player’s Union also announced, as it rightly should, that it would file a grievance against the Astros for refusing to pay Chacon the rest of his contract.

******************* Somebody, anybody, help me out here. Just who the hell is Carlos Lee to be lecturing Michael Bourn on hustling down the baselines? When’s the last time that fat bastard did anything but loaf down the line? And how many singles have been turned into doubles and triples because Lee refuses to run after anything hit down the left field line?

Yeah, Bourn should have been running full speed on Sunday afternoon, but Carlos Lee is not the one to be delivering that message. – John Royal

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