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Base Brawl

Well, the big news from the Astros/Rockies game was going to be that Lance Berkman actually got an extra base hit. But then Lance went nuts and got himself tossed from the game after he charged an umpire.

And let’s not forget Phil Garner, who got himself tossed in the top of the ninth inning. I’m not quite sure why Garner was tossed – well, he got tossed for arguing with the umpires, but as of this writing, I’m not sure about what he was arguing. Then again, neither Bill Brown nor Jim Deshaies seemed to know the answer to that either.

Oh, the Astros did win the game, by a score of 4-1. Berkman’s double accounted for two of the runs, and a ninth inning Luke Scott homer accounted for the other two.

Amazingly, for a game played in Denver, this was not an offensive contest. Wandy Rodriguez got the win, though he only went five innings. And Astros cast-off Jason Hirsh retired the first 14 Astros batters that he faced.

The Astros did get lucky in that though the Rockies hit three triples, twice with none out, the Rockies were held to only one run.

Now to the fun stuff.

Lance Berkman was ejected after going ballistic when the third base umpire called him out on a checked swing. Berkman turned to argue the call, and the third base umpire made a motion not to come down and argue. So Lance, knowing that God is on his side, decided to go and argue anyway. So he was tossed. The Astros TV crew took this in stride, and noted that Lance probably should’ve just gone on down to the dugout instead of arguing.

Then came the top of the ninth, which began with the Rockies relief pitcher hitting Carlos Lee in the shoulder. For some reason, Lee thought the guy was throwing at him, though with the score only 2-1, it would seem to be a stupid thing for a pitcher to do. So, the benches empty, but no punches are thrown, and no one is ejected. Well, not until Phil Garner takes exception to something – Brown and Deshaies seemed to think that Garner was arguing about warnings being issued to the pitchers of both teams.

As this was going on, Jim Deshaies had a good idea. Most of the time, it’s the pitcher who’s ejected, and it’s the pitcher who’s given a warning. But Deshaies, a former pitcher, stated that he thought that in situations like this, where it’s the batter who starts the problem, that it’s the batter who should be ejected.

Then we get to the Astros post-game show, where ex-Astro Glenn Wilson states that since Lance Berkman is a veteran, he should be allowed to charge the umpire to argue a call. And Wilson was also convinced that the Rockies, for some unknown reason, were throwing at Carlos Lee, and that it was the guys on the Rockies who should’ve been ejected.

Oh, well, the Astros won. That’s the important thing, though I’m expecting Berkman to be suspended for a game or two, especially since Lance decided to come out onto the field when Carlos Lee had his little snit – you see, once you’ve been ejected from the game, you’re not allowed to come out of the clubhouse.

The Brewers, however, also won, so the Astros failed to gain any ground.

Woody Williams gets the starts for the Astros tonight. Wow, Woody pitching in Denver. There could be some home runs hit tonight.

Oh, before I go, how about my man-crush? Hunter Pence was named the National League Rookie of the Month. Come on Hunter, how about repeating that for June? – John Royal

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