Bill Gonzales: Authorities Didn't Know There Was a Second Crash Victim Until Father Found Body 12 Hours Later

When Harris County officials inspected the wreckage of a spectacular early-morning April 27 crash, they found the body of a single young man. The car was not registered to him, but there was no evidence anyone else had been in the utterly mangled vehicle.

The man who owned the car, Bill Gonzales, began to worry as Wednesday dragged on and his son, 23-year-old Bill Gonzales II, did not come home from being out the night before. When friends told him his son might have been involved in the crash because the victim was a friend, Gonzales went to the site.

And, to his horror, he found his son's body.

It had been tossed about 160 feet in the air into a deeply wooded section of northeast Harris County.

Gonzales first saw a boot he recognized, then climbed through a fence and found the body.

Investigators tell the Houston Chronicle they had no reason to believe there had been a passenger in the car. No one witnessed the crash.

They are still not sure who was driving at the time of the 2:30 a.m. crash, but believe alcohol was involved, the Chron said.

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Richard Connelly
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