Christmas Puppies: Five Great Surprise Videos

Every kid wants a puppy, right? And Santa knows this, correct?

So puppies make perfect Christmas gifts. You have to know how to do the presentation, of course. And film it.

Here are five great videos of kids' puppy-Christmas wishes coming true:

5. Let's Torture The Kids First Like every parent who knows they have an ace up their sleeve, these people delight in recording the utter despair of kids whose hopes for a Christmas puppy were cruelly dashed...or were they?

4. I Know Why the Caged Dog Sings Because Maggie's got a new home! And she's not stuck outside freezing anymore!

3. I got all this software and BY GOD I'm going to use it We're not so sure this isn't so much an innocent Christmas surprise video as it is an audition reel for the directing job of Benjy VII: The Cocklewarming.

2. The Large Print Giveth, the Mom Taketh Away The greatest takeback of all time: A kid reads a poem telling her and her sisters that they are just about to meet the new Christmas puppy they have dreamed of forever. The comes the hammer: "We can't bring her home until we go to Grandma Jo's," says mom. Upcoming: WORST VISIT TO GRANDMA JO'S EVER.

1. Here's How You Do It Three great things about this video: 1. The escape attempt by the puppy 2. The astonished girl actually hugs her parents in thanks, instead of embracing the dog. 3. The look on the boy's face when he realizes the new dog is a frissy little white poodle-type thing. No Labrador for you!!

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.