Conservative Houston Reacts To the Death Of A Kennedy

Ted Kennedy died this morning, as anyone on the Web already knows.

His death presents a problem of sorts for right-wingers, who despised him as much as they do Obama or the Clintons (or JFK and RFK back in the day, probably).

So how are they reacting?

The Lone Star Times blog is home to some of the most passionate conservatives in the city; moderators there are taking a "Don't speak ill of the dead" tack, deleting comments as being inappropriate.

"It is not asking too much of any fully mature adult to abide by rules of common decency and momentarily refrain from battle within one small corner of cyberspace," the moderator wrote. "It seems we have to go through this every time there is a thread marking the death of a prominent person. It is just not necessary and I get very weary of having to explain this to those readers who should know better."

Some deleted comments have been replaced with copy saying something like "Inappropriate comment for this day. Deleted."

How bad were those deleted comments? Look at some that were approved:

-- Condolences to the family and friends.

But when all this in brought up to bolster the pushing of the health care TAKE-over, it should be asked that it must not be a good plan if it can't stand on it's own and has to be supported as a "memorial" for a drunk-manslaughtering-whore-monger liberal.

-- Mary Jo Kopchne was not available for comment.

-- [From one commenter who'd been deleted]: Nothing inappropriate about my comment. I haven't heard any revelation of Jesus forgiving and embracing the evil of Satan or Lucifer lately.

I wonder why (the concept of) Hell exists?

Maybe you can answer that for me.

Contrary to what the bereaved might think, I don't think everyone goes to Heaven.

-- I am really sick of these people in Washington and on the News. Making Ted Kennedy sound like a saint and could do no wrong. Lets look at the real person, He was a alcoholic, a murder and a socialist. His agenda has always pushed the United States to a socialist / Marxists way of life.

To be fair, many commenters did offer condolences, even though they obviously disagreed with just about all of Kennedy's policy positions. And yes, we're sure there were some nasty comments on liberal Houston blogs when, say, Jesse Helms died.

But it's a lot tougher to find a liberal blog in Houston than a conservative one.

If there is a Heaven, and if Kennedy is in it, we're sure he's enjoying the attention and controversy.

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