Cover Over That Huge Landfill With A Small Crust Of Grass

What do you do when a company wins the right to put up a 170-foot tall landfill near you?

You make lemonade out of lemons, or out of indestructible, non-recyclable plastic containers of lemonade.

Via Swamplot comes this video by Lysle Oliveros, a student at the Rice School of Architecture. The video, which indulges a little too much in seizure-inducing graphics and cutting, is Oliveros' thesis.

It proposes landscaping the mountain (well, a mountain by Houston standards) into a pleasant green park.

Anyone who's been out to Wildcat Golf Course knows what Oliveros is talking about.

The huge landfill had been opposed by TV stations in the area at one point, who argued their mighty Doppler radars would be blocked from searching the Gulf for severe-weather updates to hype.

But the stations have all settled their complaints confidentially.

So let's throw some grass on the damn thing, people!

Houston Needs a Mountain from Lysle Oliveros on Vimeo.

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