Damn Yankees: Perry Takes Pro Business Message to New York and Connecticut

Governor Rick Perry's "git your business out of that tax-loving, gun-restrictin', commie blue state and move it to Texas" death march continues. He's run ads and visited states like California and Illinois already. Now, he takes aim at the epicenter of all things opposite of the Lone Star State, New York City (git a rope).

Perry is traveling to both New York and Connecticut to spread the message of love, peace and no state income tax. Despite the huffing and puffing in other states his approach has created, it's a rather innovative tactic for a guy who botched a GOP debate so bad, he basically had to turn tail and run back to Austin.

In an effort to woo business from these northern states, Perry and Co. have put together a couple videos featuring Texas business and science bigwigs as well as Emmit Smith and Robert Rodriguez, to name a couple famous people. They are sort of like the Don't Mess With Texas ads but with fewer celebs.

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