Dear Better Business Bureau: I Got Ripped Off For $1.07 On My Blunt Wrap

Oh, weed: Will your users never fail to entertain?

The Greater Houston & South Texas Better Business Bureau has received the following complaint, about Pokey's Planet in Weslaco.

It begins:

I walked into Pokeys planet dec. 9th to purchase a blunt wrap. i bought a blunt wrap for 1.07 there was 2 in the package. on the package it says GUARANTEED FRESHNESS. I left the store opened the blunt wrap and as i undid the wrap it cracked cuz it was dry. it was so cracked there was no use for it.

Note the Hemingwayesque starkness of the narrative -- no adverbs here.

Then there's the outrage that results in filing a complaint to the BBB -- over a $1.07 purchase. And if there's anything more poignant than "it was so cracked there was no use for it," we don't know what it is.

But this stoner -- okay, we'll stipulate that there's a chance he went into Pokey's Planet to buy a wrap for his hand-rolled cigar -- was not about to roll over, play dead and listen to Live Phish 12.

His complaint to the Better Business Bureau continues:

i went back to the store to get another one and he said there was no refunds or exchanges. but he still gave me another wrap because the first was cracked. i left the store again with my new wrap and when i opened i had the same problem. so once again i went back to the store for the second time. i told him about the same problem and he didnt want to help me. i asked for the managers number and he refused to give it. he refused to give me my money back and to try another wrap.

Now this is one dedicated blunt-wrap seeker.

As with many things weed-related, it ended with some confusion at the Mindless Diktats Of Authority: "the refund and/or exchange sign only applies when the product in question that is bein sold is good. all the wraps they had in stock were damaged so then that sign does not apply anymore".

In the "Desired settlement" portion of the form, our complainant was clear:

i want the wrap i paid for. i want guaranteed freshness

Who could argue?

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