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Deshaun Watson Breaks Instagram Silence With Workout Video

Deshaun Watson posted a reminder on Instagram this weekend that he is still keeping himself in shape.
Deshaun Watson posted a reminder on Instagram this weekend that he is still keeping himself in shape. Photo by Eric Sauseda
For any of us following the Deshaun Watson legal saga, the silence from both sides has been somewhat excruciating over the last month and a half. Texan fans want resolution so the team can trade Watson. The teams that would theoretically line up to trade for Watson seek resolution, as well. We, in the media, want SOMETHING to report on. And yes, I'm sure the plaintiffs themselves would like to put all of this behind them.

In a weird way, I'd like to think the interview that Seth Payne and I did with Texans general manager Nick Caserio last week on SportsRadio 610 was partially responsible for at least some of the ice breaking in the frigid silence surrounding these cases. How would the interview accomplish that, you may ask? Well, on Friday, Tony Buzbee, the attorney for the 22 plaintiffs suing Watson, posted a status update, as opposed to responding to the "many queries" he has received about the Deshaun Watson case.

Here is the full post:

I would imagine the general manager of the Texans making a reference to decisions being made as training camp approaches would generate several of those queries. That is logical. In turn, if Caserio's quotes from our conversation triggered Buzbee's post, then it's equally plausible to think Buzbee's Friday post was the reason Deshaun Watson finally broke his three month Instagram silence on Friday evening:

This appears to be Watson just reminding everyone "Hey, I'm still here!" Not just that, it also appears to be Watson making a statement that not only is he still around, but he appears to be keeping himself in tremendous physical condition, so that when the time comes for him to play football again, he will be ready to go. Let's hope that teams like the Eagles, Dolphins, and Broncos (widely believed to be the top three suitors for Watson, when the time comes) are salivating at this video like it's a late night infomercial.

Right now, it appears both sides, Watson and the plaintiffs, are preparing for showdown in court. In case you're wondering, the music in this video comes from "Mob Ties (Remix)," and the one lyric that Watson is probably wanting everyone (perhaps Buzbee, most of all) to know is the very last one — "Y'all thought it was over with? Nah."

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