Diana Davila's Vacated HISD Board Seat -- Let the Games Continue!

Inviting all comers who live in District VIII of the Houston ISD. Anyone who ever wanted to be a school board member is invited over to Furr High School, 520 Mercury, 77013 at 11 a.m. this Tuesday to pitch themselves and their ideas as to why they'd be the best person to replace just-resigned Diana Davila.

First broached by trustee Harvin Moore at last Thursday's board meeting, the open forum idea seems startling in its generous spirit (well, actually an election seems to cover the same ground except the majority of HISD trustees so far haven't voted to support that .)

That, or it'll be like the circus just came to town with an assortment of wingnuts littered among the more probable candidates.

Trustees have two choices. Appoint a board member until the next regular election in November 2011 or call a special election for this November. So far only Larry Marshall, Carol Mims Galloway and Manuel Rodriguez seem ready to trust the voters to make the right choice, right away.

Interested individuals are asked to register in advance by completing a registration form and submitting it to Board Services by 5 p.m. on Monday, August 16 (via fax: 713-556-6115 or e-mail directly to sharri12@houstonisd.org)

Some wags tell Hair Balls that the forum will just be a dog and pony show and that the person many of the board members want to appoint has already been anointed.

While Hair Balls loves theater as much, perhaps more, than the next person, we're really hoping this is instead the exercise in democracy that Moore urged at Thursday's meeting. Otherwise we might all just as well drink wine and play charades, right?

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.