Did Undercover Cops Wear Speedos and Penis T-Shirts When Busting Gay Dudes in Memorial Park?

The answer to the question in the headline, according to gay activist Ray Hill, is a resounding "yes."

Here's the deal: A Houston Police Department spokesperson told Hair Balls that officers conducted a "proactive investigation" at Memorial Park last week, in which seven men were arrested and charged with misdemeanor indecent exposure.

But for some reason, Hill told OutSmart that more than 20 men were arrested and charged with solicitation of prostitution. According to Hill's account in the article, "eight to ten male vice officers dressed in Speedos and suggestive T-shirts were along the jogging trail during daylight hours, attempting to beckon male joggers and walkers into the bushes."

Hill also claimed that other officers were "possibly" located by the men's restrooms. Hill told OutSmart that the sting operation "was literally seducing people into arrest."

He also claimed that one of the men arrested told him that one of the undercover officer's shirts "had what resembled a chrome penis on the back, and some of the other T-shirts looked to be gay pride affiliated."

"We have a lesbian mayor, a 'gay friendly' police chief, and a SCOTUS decision...finding the law against homosexual conduct unconstitutional, yet these men had to post bond, were held an illegally long period of time in Houston City Jail, they must hire lawyers, defend against the charges, some will lose their jobs, and make their family lives confusing at best," Hill told OutSmart.

Yeah, that sorta sucks. But maybe a good rule of thumb is: when jogging in a public park, don't follow a stranger into the bushes for sex, no matter how snug and seductive their banana-hammocks. The person could be a mugger, a rapist, or an itinerant chrome-penis-T-shirt salesman. We also don't quite understand how a gay mayor is automatically supposed to be in favor of dudes whipping out their junk in public.

And kudos to HPD: there is perhaps no more serious crime in Houston than gay dudes having gay sex behind some trees in Memorial Park. We can't tell you the number of times our leisurely afternoon strolls were spoiled by the sights and sounds of rampant gay sexing. We'll sleep better tonight...in our comfy chrome-penis-PJs.

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