Edinburg vs. the All-Nude Club: On Like Donkey Kong

Ever since Rolando Castenada took over as Edinburg's chief of police in May, he has had a hard-on for the all-nude Jaguars club.

Maybe that should be reworded: Let's just say he's been preoccupied with getting Jaguars closed.

There's not much he can do -- the club doesn't serve alcohol, and it is grandfathered under the city's anti-SOB ordinances because it opened up in an unincorporated part of the area before being annexed.

That hasn't stopped Castenada, and now the city is being sued over a raid last month.

The owners of Jaguars filed a suit, outlining such tactics by the chief as parking three cop cars in front of the establishment for hours at a time one weekend, "thereby reducing the number of customers patronizing Jaguars."

They also said he brought in a lawn chair and sat down in the parking lot of the club, where he then oversaw the August raid.

During the raid, the suit says, 40 cops zip-tied everyone in the place, police officers went through the contents of the safe, property was taken without proper warrants, and a raid that should have lasted 30 minutes stretched over four hours of valuable titty-baring time.

Eleven dancers and hostesses were detained on immigration charges, the Monitor reports.

The club owners say the raid violated a slew of their constitutional rights and are seeking a temporary restraining order and damages.

For its part, the city has issued a statement saying it denies any allegations of wrongdoing "and will defend itself to the full extent of the law against these allegations."

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