Eirin Hicks: Misdemeanor Charges Filed in Death of Texas State Woman Who Fell to Death

The Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission and Texas State University police announced a handful of charges stemming from the death of Eirin Ann Hicks, a student who fell to her death from an elevated first-story dorm room last month.

The charges are not directly tied to her death; the most serious of them involve lying to investigators about the incident in San Marcos.

Three people jumped out the window at a party that night. The window is technically on the first floor, but because of a hill it is slightly higher than that.

Hicks, 24, died; Kristin McCreery, 19, injured her back and Andrew Smith, 19, was not hurt.

McCreery and Christopher Williams, 19, have been charged with making a false report to and interfering with a peace officer. Both are Class B misdemeanors.

"The Texas State University Police Department filed the...charges against Williams and McCreery as a result of alleged attempts to cover up the events that took place that night," the TABC announced.

Williams, who hosted the party, was also hit with charges of being a minor in possession of alcohol, making alcohol available to a minor, and possession of someone else's drivers license.

"Providing alcohol to a minor is a serious and dangerous offense, and it can result in tragedies that could never be foreseen," said TABC Assistant Chief Rod Venner. "I urge young people not to drink. But most importantly, if something goes wrong at a party, or anywhere else, please call 911 and cooperate with law enforcement and emergency medical services."

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