Enron, Coming Soon To A Broadway Theater

Enron is coming to Broadway after earning raves in London. Not the company, which pretty much stopped earning raves the second its slimy workings were exposed, but Enron the theatrical production, which is described as a "highly theatrical, music-infused new play."

Two cast members have been announced for the Broadway production; you may not know them if you're not into the theater.

Stephen Kunken, who played James Reston in the theatrical production of Frost/Nixon, will be Andy Fastow, producers announced today. Previously announced, as Jeffrey Skilling, was Norbert Leo Butz, who played the Steve Martin role in the Broadway musical Dirty Rotten Scoundrels. Whether that got him the Enron job or not is hard to tell.

There are rumors that John Larroquette will be in the cast, which is odd, because he never plays anyone with a hidden, selfish agenda.

The Broadway show is scheduled to open in April.

The London production scored big in Olivier Award nominations, announced today, including Best New Play and a nomination for the actor playing Skilling.

The UK Telegraph had this to say about the production:

The play, in short, could hardly be more timely, one of those rare works that crystallises the mood of its age. What needs stressing equally strongly is that it is also hugely entertaining - and accessible even to dunderheads like me who wouldn't know a financial instrument from an instrument of torture, though they currently seem to be much the same thing as so many of us ponder lost investments and precarious futures.
No word yet on whether the US version will feature scenes at Jus' Stuff.

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