Facebook Look Back Videos Sweet, but a Little Off

For its 10th birthday, Facebook decided to give back to its users with "Look Back" videos complete with sappy piano music and information culled from your history on the social media site. It shows when you started, what your most popular posts have been, some of your photos, etc.

It's a pretty clever video that makes it feel like someone created it special for you, that is until some random image of some guy you met at a bar one night and have never seen again shows up. So special.

That's the problem with these auto-generated videos. It's one thing to pull your most popular posts. For the most part, those would seem to be related to pretty significant life events. In my case, it went from my announcement I was engaged through the purchase of my house, so spot on at least for tugging at the heart strings. But, if your most important posts were moments you'd prefer to forget -- your story about making out with a clown and passing out next to a junkie and a pile of tequila bottles, just for example -- that might not do much to make you happy.

The photos are the most random and who knows how Facebook chose them? One of these videos made for a friend had a photo snuck in there of a completely random dude sticking his tongue out for the camera. This also won't work well if you happen to have a ton of images that aren't so comforting. Hopefully, you've deleted all pics of your ex as well as you drunk off your ass and weird shots with your boobs nearly falling out.

It's a mixed bag, these special Look Back videos. The smart move it to watch yours all the way through before sharing it, lest you might be uncomfortably rewarded.

You can see yours using this link.

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.