Free Cab Rides from Santa Every Tuesday in December

Everybody needs to take a taxi every once in a while. Sometimes, it's because you had a little too much egg nog at the Christmas party and your designated driver left you in favor of the hot secretary who scanned a photo of her butt and presented it to him under the mistletoe. Sometimes, the rental car place who is supposed to pick you up won't because they aren't close enough and you are forced to get a cab instead, or maybe that's just me.

Anyway, in the month of December, if you are going to take a taxi in Houston, consider doing it on a Tuesday because your ride might be free and your driver might have a long beard and a cheerful demeanor. No, not James Harden.

All month long, Lone Star Cab will be sending out a handful of cabs with Santa Claus or one of his elves behind the wheel. We assume they are licensed in the state of Texas even after that time Rudolph got them a speeding ticket racing through Bastrop on Christmas eve. Nobody speeds in Bastrop and lives to tell about it.

The best part is if you happen to hop into a sleigh with one of these fine North Polians, your ride is on the house.

"Houston is my hometown! This is just a small way that my family and I can give back to the citizens and visitors of Houston!" Ricky Kamins, Chief Operating Officer for Lone Star Cab, said in a release.

So, when you've been a little too merry, and perhaps a tad naughty (if you are partying on a Tuesday that isn't Christmas Eve or New Year's, I think that qualifies), put down those keys, son, and ho-ho hold the phone. Grab a cab and, if you are lucky, Jolly Ol' Saint Nick will take you home. Just don't barf on Santa. I'm pretty sure the gift you'll get in your stocking after that is a lump of coal.

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.