Funeral, Cameras: Yep, Sheila Jackson Lee Is In The House

Shocking news: There was a funeral service where cameras were present, and Sheila Jackson Lee showed up.

Lee had a big speech at today's Michael Jackson's...whatever it was. And she went on and on. For eight minutes. (If the video above doesn't work, try here.)

Lee quickly became a huge topic on Twitter. And as with all things Lee, opinions were divided.

The anti-Lee tweets:

handymankyle: Sheila Jackson Lee compared MJ to people in the bible then said they work with all faiths, and then She called MJ the KING... Retard!!

georgejbrown: finally tweetin bout Sheila "Jackson" Lee ! How & who let her speak! that women is everywhere!

j_andersen: Sheila Jackson Lee says she "grew up with" MJ. First Jackson 5 single: Dec. 1969. Lee born: 1950. "Grew up" indeed! (via @jstrevino)

Dave2112: Sheila Jackson Lee is a political whore of the worst kind.

TweepTheLeg: RT @taylorich My congresswoman at work. Sheila Jackson Lee at MJ's Memorial. Think you could do something about the potholes on our road?

But not everyone was appalled:

SLGreenJr: I need to recant statements earlier.. Sheila Jackson Lee.. did her thang at the funeral!.. Exactly what was needed for that occasion!

SungSings: BTW, Sheila Jackson Lee is an amazing speaker.


RT @Chrystan_ i never thought i would see the day that Sheila Jackson Lee would be a trending topic on twitter......HTOWN BABY! lmao!

natalierose: Sheila Jackson Lee was brilliant! She showed the haters what time it is!


@KatieJarl WOW! Somebody who shares my sentiments. Sheila Jackson Lee spoke very eloquently! I don't know about the Bill, but YOU GO GIRL!!

That's our Sheila, America. Welcome to our world.

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.