Game Time: Hey, I Interviewed Michael K. Williams ("Omar" from The Wire), and Here It Is! (w/ audio and video)

I know I'm supposed to be a "sports guy" on this blog, that's my assigned purpose in this here blogosphere, and for the most part I adhere to it (the occasional Sopranos post notwithstanding).

But sometimes you have to call an audible, and ask yourself, "If I were a reader would I want to read about why Brad Miller makes sense for the Rockets?...If I were a reader, do I want to hear another Roy Oswalt post about how there's no way he'll be traded, just worded differently than the hundred other posts on the internet about that very topic?...Should I just re-send my open letter to Carlos Lee in Spanish?"

Of course not. (Well maybe "yes" on the Carlos one...)

Now I have to ask myself "If I were a reader would I rather be handed a podcast of an interview with the actor behind one of the top three TV characters of all time along with a slew of video clips of said character?" Well, if that actor is Michael Kenneth Williams and the character is "Omar Little" from The Wire, there is only one answer.....


I feel like I constantly espouse the virtues of Twitter (and social media, in general) in this space, and for good reason. Used properly, it's awesome. And frankly, in the business of talk radio, it's now necessary. If you're not utilizing it, you're basically trying to go win the U.S. Open with only a driver and a three wood. You're missing the boat.

What does this have to do with Michael Kenneth Williams? Well, I found him on Twitter. Just rolling around one night seeing which of my favorite actors had a Twitter page, and lo and behold, there he was -- Michael Kenneth Williams, quietly tweeting with (incredibly) only around 700 followers.

On a whim, I tweeted him asking if he did any radio (knowing that he's got a role in HBO's next big thing, Boardwalk Empire with Steve Buscemi, I figured maybe he was in "media mode"). He tweeted back within about four minutes that he love to come on the show, and also sent me a private Twitter direct message asking what kind of show I did, what time it aired, etc -- a direct message which I've since printed and framed above my desk, but that's beside the point.

It was that easy, and the return on the investment was immense, as you can hear below.

The moral of the story, kids -- if you're trying to interview someone, the smartest thing to do is ask. All they can do is ignore you, and they might even say "Yes!" And if you're really lucky, they'll be as good as Michael Kenneth Williams...

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Depending on your point of view, either as a bonus for current Omar fans, or if you're looking for some backdrop to the interview, here is the Wikipedia link to Omar's bio and here are a slew of videos of some of Omar's greatest moments and catchphrases...enjoy!

1. "OMAR IS COMIN'..." (with "Farmer in the Dell" whistling)



...along with the hilarious scene of Omar testifying against Bird in court....

4. OMAR going out for Honey Nut Cheerios in his PJ's (beginning is NSFW...actually a lot of things about Omar are NSFW, but this one is like actual brief nudity....yeah, did I mention Omar is gay?)

5. OMAR and Brother Mouzone confrontation (Michael Kenneth Williams' favorite Omar scene).... alliance which ended poorly for Stringer Bell....

6. Finally, like any good menu of great appetizers, there is a combo platter with a little of everything, so here is a seven-minute video with some of the best Omar moments...

Yep, you come at the king, you best not miss.

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