Only a few can be called Ghetto Fabulous...

Ghetto Class, You!

Call it really good training for discrimination/insensitivity suits...

Things are coming to a boil at the UT Law School after the school's dean dogged several students for throwing a "Ghetto Fabulous" party — off campus. A source very close to HouStoned — a source who attended and graduated from the program -- says that kind of thing ain't exactly surprising. Law students need to blow off steam, get effed up and, you know, dress up a little. But future lawyers donning afros and blackface? Nice career move. (Unless, of course, this guy is hiring.)

The student who's said to have posted the offending pics on his MySpace page is one Nick Transier of, yep, Houston. The 26-year-old, 1L (that's UT Lawspeak for first-year) student says:

"We had no intention by any measure to choose a group or class of people and make fun of them."

Well, no one but the ghetto fabulous.

There's some interesting blog chatter about all this from UT law students. Of course, this isn't the only ghetto fabulous references to come out of Austin. Witness a head-scratcher blurb on the Longhorn Book Exchange:

Bling: the gleam, shine, design; for some odd reason 'blinging it' has become the craze of not only the British Monarchy but the Ghetto too. It is unmistakably true, that the 'bling bling' fashion is not the trend of the British Monarchy alone but it is 'ghetto fabulous'.

Well, well, well. And then this, from a UT undergrad's blog:

So I am completely inexperienced in looking "ghetto fabulous", but I heard everyone else was dressing up, so yay! I was told to just basically wear something trashy and go as an "Asian ho" or look like I'm angry/purse my lips together a lot.


Asian, eh? Well maybe this ghetto fabulous ain't such a big deal after all. — Steven Devadanam

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