Going Tubing in New Braunfels This Weekend? Be Prepared to Wait

Earlier this month we listed five places to have water-based fun in Texas during the drought, and the spring-fed Comal River was one of them.

We weren't alone in our thinking -- the river has become packed on weekends, to the point where officials say tubers have had trouble exiting the river at the last public exit.

So they are now staggering start times for people getting into the river at New Braunfels's Prince Solms Park, a main gateway to the Comal.

"The Prince Solms Park gateway will be a controlled access point to stagger the number of tubers entering the Comal River," the city said today. "Patrons should come prepared to wait in line for admission to the river, as open stretches of water permit, by bringing enough water and sunscreen for a likely wait in the sun before entering the water. "

Sounds like fun!!

Other moves:

-- Increased numbers of New Braunfels police and park personnel will be on hand to boost enforcement of all ordinances and laws, including littering and safety regulations.

-- Tubers are advised to not tie tubes together as this creates safety issues at the City Tube Chute and in other areas of the Comal River.

-- One-way traffic enforcement, beginning at 1:00 p.m. on Saturdays and holidays on the streets immediately adjoining the Last Tubers Exit, will continue. No through traffic will be allowed from E. Mather St. and S. Union Ave. to the intersection of W. Lincoln St. and Comal Ave. The one-way traffic will run from E. Mather towards Comal Ave. Barricades will be lifted when crowd levels make normal traffic patterns feasible.

City officials also told people there's plenty of other things to do in New Braunfels.

"New Braunfels is fortunate to have many great recreational opportunities to offer in addition to the rivers," Assistant City Manager Robert Camareno said. "During times of peak river usage, people should consider visiting our fabulous downtown, enjoying our nationally registered Historic District of Gruene, taking a miniature train or paddleboat ride in Landa Park, trying wakeboarding at Texas Ski Ranch, visiting our many museums and unique shopping venues or experiencing all the amazing water opportunities at Schlitterbahn."

Or standing on line in the sun waiting to get into a packed river.

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Richard Connelly
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