Google Wedding: Houston Couple Nabs $25K Prize

Screw William and Kate -- the only wedding Hair Balls can get excited about is the upcoming one of Google Wedding sweepstakes winners (and Houstonians) Philong Nguyen and Nhu-Y Nguyen. The couple plans to marry in September.

In its continued mission of worldwide dominance, Google launched a wedding planning service a few months ago and partnered with wedding-designer extraordinaire Michelle Rago to offer $25,000 toward one lucky couple's nuptials. The winning couple was chosen at random.

Here's how Philong proposed to Nhu-Y:

We had already been looking at rings, so I decided I wanted the time and place to be a complete surprise. Luckily, she was working one weekend and had to go to work very early, since she works in a hospital in the lab. I'm usually sleeping at that time, so I knew she wouldn't expect to see me at 5 AM...when she left for work.

I woke up very early, brought dozens of roses that I had bought the day before and plucked, and created a trail of rose petals that led her from her door to the backyard where it ended in a heart with me waiting on the grass. Of course, the hardest part was waiting for her to open the door, but when she did, she followed the trail, found me, and said Yes.

Although we think the only reason to wake up at 5 is if your house is on fire, we found Philong's gesture awfully sweet. We wish the young couple the best, and if they decide to put some of their winnings toward an open bar, we hope to see an invitation in the mail soon.

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