Harris County Gets In The Gentlemen's Club Business

In the market for a strip joint? Has Harris County got a deal for you!!

The county is now the proud owner of a club with the classy name of Velvet Touch, out on Highway 6.

Apparently the velvet touches cost you, because the club "was taken by the district attorney regarding criminal activities there," the county's Bob Gaskins tells Hair Balls. "It was a place of questionable repute, let's put it that way."

Maybe the county could have run the place, making it a nice, respectable strip joint where you wouldn't be embarrassed taking your Mom. Instead they are choosing to sell it.

It's being sold "as is" and it ain't going cheap: the minimum bid, according to an agenda item for next week's commissioner's court meeting, is $196,779. That should buy a lot of velvet touches.

Gaskins admits it's unusual for the county to be in the business of selling such a club.

"I can't remember having another like it come up," he says.

The proceeds from the sale will go to the DA's office. Hopefully not in the form of sweaty dollar bills.

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Richard Connelly
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