Hate Group Planning Islamic Library Protest Totally Doesn't Think They're a Hate Group

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A spokesperson for a group planning an armed protest of the Islamic Da'wah Center in downtown Houston later this month wants everyone to know his peeps aren't bigoted, they would just prefer if Muslims didn't live in the U.S.

Organized by an online secessionist community called Heart of Texas, the May 21 "Stop Islamization of Texas" event takes issue with the Islamic center's Library of Islamic Knowledge, which officially opened last month, and is "dedicated to the history, culture, and public education of Islam," according to the center's executive director, Ameer Abuhalimeh.

At the ribbon-cutting ceremony, Mayor Sylvester Turner remarked that, "Houston is a highly diverse city, and this facility speaks to that diversity," Turner said. "This is a place not just for Muslims, but everyone. It opens the door for people of all faiths to learn about a different part of the Houston community."

Learnin'? Inclusiveness? Books? P'shaw. Here's how the protest is described:

The Library of Islamic Knowledge was officially opened last month in downtown Houston.

That's right, just days after sharia law was banned in Texas. The library reportedly cost around $2.5 million. Imagine how much our tax money went to building this shrine to hatred (the very money which could have been spent on vets). Imagine Texas turning in a muslim ghetto full of mosques and "Islamic Knowledge" centers.
It's gettin' real.

What would founding fathers say if they knew we're gonna put up with people who wish to kill us?
That's a disgrace but even more shameful would be doing nothing about it.

And then, the kicker: "Feel free to bring along your firearms, concealed or not!"

The Heart of Texas spokesperson, who declined to provide a name, told us via email:

"Last time we checked, Houston was predominantly Christian city, so what's the point? We don't build Christian churches in the Middle East, do we? It's like there are no other
problems within the local communities. How about homeless and disabled veterans? Since when has building Islamic Knowledge centers (not even mosques) become our top priority?"

We asked if the group felt that there was something inherently evil about the Muslim faith, and here's what we got:

"It's not about Islam being inherently evil, it's about religious cults staying within their home regions. We're perfectly fine with Muslims doing whatever they want in Saudi Arabia or Qatar. Sorry, Texas is a different place."


"And yes, we do realize that most Muslims are peaceful, Islam is a religion of peace and so on...but strangely enough, most acts of terror all over the world are committed by Islamic radicals. And those people who have the nerve to claim this attitude is racist...they'd better educate themselves how Christians are treated in the Middle East. Now THIS is racist."

One of the comments posted on the page — "Need to blow this place up" — drew the attention of the Council on American-Islamic Relations, which alerted the FBI, the Houston Chronicle reported.

But Abuhalimeh, the center's executive director, told the Chron, "The Islamic Da'wah Center does not believe that this is a credible threat to the building or to the safety of our visitors and we believe that there is no credibility that the safety of our guests and visitors is compromised in any way shape or form."

We must say, though, that these Heart of Texas fellers might be onto something about this "people who wish to kill us" business. After all, the Islamic Da'wah Center building, a former bank, was bought and renovated by Rockets great Hakeem Olajuwon, a Hall of Famer who helped the Rockets nab back-to-back championships in the '90s, a looming specter of evil if ever there was one. 

Watching Olajuwon dunk effortlessly over his opponents, our immediate reaction was always the same: That's seven feet of hate, right there.  We were not fooled by dazzling athleticism, nor his un-dazzling stint as the face of Air Jordan knockoffs sold at Payless Shoes. It was all part of the Muslim Master Plan to take over the U.S. 

We're just glad the Heart of Texas is on the case. Nothing makes us feel safer than the thought of a throng of armed bigots rallying outside a library in downtown Houston on a Saturday afternoon. It's what God — and by that, we mean the true Christian God — would want. 

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