Where To Find Gas During Hurricane Harvey

An Exxon gas station out of gas.
An Exxon gas station out of gas. Ed Schipul/Flickr
With Hurricane Harvey quickly approaching Texas and the Gulf Coast, gas prices are already rising and shortages are expected in the immediate future. If you're trying to escape the city, or just fill up your tank before the worst of the storm hits, here's a list of where, and where not, to go as of this morning within the 610 Loop.

There are a lot of gas stations in Houston. Let us know where we missed. We'll continue updating this list throughout Friday.


Shell 2220 Main: Has gas—for only a couple more hours. Shipment never came last night and they are unsure when more gas will arrive.

Conoco 2801 Brazos: Has gas, but probably will run out around 3 or 4 p.m. No shipment coming for next couple days.

Chevron 2222 Louisiana: Out of gas as of 11:15 a.m., but more is on the way and should be there later today.


Chevron 3506 Elgin. Plenty

Stripes 2329 Southmore: Out of gas, not sure when more is coming.

Exxon 6625 Scott: Has gas for maybe one more hour as of 11:26 a.m.; uncertain when next shipment is coming.

24/7 6626 Cullen: Has gas.

Stripes 6155 S Loop East Freeway: No gas. Unsure when more is coming.


Valero 9365 Main: Has gas.

Mobil 9805 Main: Plenty of gas.

Mobil 9403 Stella Link: Plenty of gas, but gas station advises to come now.

Shell 8521 Stella Link: Out of gas. Shipment may come Saturday.


Exxon, 3802 Westheimer: Tanks are empty, but expecting refillment soon.

Chevron, 4423 San Felipe: Yes, with "a lot."

Costco, 3836 Richmond: Yes with about 30,000 gallons of regular and 12,000 gallons of premium.

Shell, 2602 West Loop: Still pumping.

Chevron, 4002 Southwest Freeway: No gas, but expecting shipment this evening.

Exxon, 4910 Weslyan. No gas. Were expecting shipment this morning.


Shell, 319 Shepherd: No gas


Shell, 4740 Katy Freeway: Gas and lots of it.

Kroger, 1035 North Shepherd: "Yes sir, we're good to go."

Valero, 1544 North Shepherd: Just received new shipment.

Phillips 66, 4620 North Main: Out except for super gasoline.


Shell, 2926 North Freeway: No gas and with shipments unlikely.


Chevron, 5445 East Freeway and Lockwood: Out with "no idea" when a new shipment will arrive.


Exxon, 2539 Bissonnet: Only diesel.

Shell, 2302 West Holcombe: Out of gas and unsure about new shipment.

For those who do not plan on driving, you can stay up-to-date with alerts from Houston Metro here. The department said any decisions about light rail and bus service will depend on the amount of flooding in the city. Monica Russo with the Metro press office noted that light rail service must be suspended if flood water is four inches above the rail line.

For those escaping the city early, Metro's Park & Ride service opened ahead of normal schedule at noon.

And, for those looking for a quick place to stash furniture, bicycles, books or any belongs, 41 U-Haul storage facilities across Texas are offering 30 days of free storage for those dealing with Hurricane Harvey. Cities include Houston, Corpus Christi, League City and others along the Gulf Coast.

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