Houston Artist Overcoming Autism To Make Music For Hollywood, Maybe

Houston singer Kyle Cousins is making Hollywood take notice, not only because the 19-year-old suffers from autism, but because his songs rock.

The fashionable teen already has a bevy of his songs available on iTunes and now it looks like one of his songs is up for consideration as the theme for a new HBO series spearheaded by the Farrelly Bros. comedy duo.

Cousins was diagnosed with a form of autism when he was 2. Singing and writing music were his doorway into the mainstream world. According to the Autism Society of America, one in every 150 children born are affected by autism, making the disorder one of the fastest growing developmental disabilities. April is National Autism Awareness month.

"He really comes to life when he is playing," publicist Michael McCarty of Alperin Entertainment in Los Angeles tells Hair Balls. "I mean, it's just really amazing. It really is an inspiring story. And he's really good. So it's very exciting."

McCarty is putting on a push for Cousins, sending along a slew of publicity photos with the proper moody look of a sensitive artist.

Cousins' career got a boost when he met Houston's famous local voice coach, Tom McKinney, who has trained American Idol finalists and is now a vocal and new talent development consultant for Beyonce's company, Music World. McKinney in turn put Cousins in touch with Hollywood music producer IROC, whose music has appeared in many blockbuster movies.

The rest, we hope, is history in the making for Cousins. 

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