Houston Dog Attack Victim's Dad Speaks Out

Jeff Mack got up before the Houston city council yesterday and seemed ready to break out into tears. The police veteran told the story of how his daughter's daily jog turned into a headline-grabbing pit bill attack. More importantly, he said he wanted to see people with vicious animals pay the price with criminal charges when their pets attack people.

His daughter Monica Garza was mauled March 5 when two pit bulls ran up on her. She is still recovering in the hospital after multiple surgeries.

"It's pit bulls. It's all you hear about. They were originally bred to be very aggressive. And yet I would say the dogs are responsible, and the owners are responsible," Mack said. "This is unreasonable that we cannot get some criminal charges filed in this case."

According to Mack, of the two pits that attacked his daughter, the owner of one was found and issued a class C ticket, which is punishable by up to a $500 fine. He's been in the hospital supporting his daughter throughout this ordeal, and can't explain the viciousness enough. He even brought photos to yesterday's council meeting, which were shown to the audience.

He still remembers how his daughter, while in the hospital, described the attack, once the pain medication started to wear off, "All I remember was seeing my flesh and blood flying in the air," she said.

Mack is retired Houston Police Department officer with 25 years of service and said he's written letters to legislators and wants a change to make "Lillians Law" stronger in Texas.

For now, in order to bring charges against an owner, Mack says, investigators have to find previous reports of an animal's aggression. If that doesn't work, he said he's ready to file civil charges in the matter.

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.